Wolfmen/Sinéad Songs Out Early ’12

Hey everyone. We hope you’re having a very happy holidays.

The Wolfmen musical collaboration with Sinéad O’Connor will come up public combustion in early 2012 as the beloved Irish songstress’ ninth album, How About I Be Me (And You Be You), is slated to be released 24th February on One Little Indian Records.  Marco and C.C. contributed on tracks “I Had A Baby”, “Old Lady”, and lead single “The Wolf is Getting Married”, due to hit the shelves in January. Pretty major!

More information in press-realease-y form can be had HERE, and from Sinéad HERE.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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Wolfmen, Sinéad ‘Jackie’ Duet Re-release 5th December

The Wolfmen/Sinéad O’Connor collaboration of  “Jackie, Is It My Birthday?” is set for a special Chrismastime single re-release 5th December 2011 on Cadiz Music.

The single from The Wolfmen is the soundtrack to a dark, alternative Christmas with icy guest vocals from Sinéad O’Connor. To quote Jeff Smith, Head of Music at Radio 2, “It’d be nice to find some new Christmas music, and this certainly has a Pogue-ish spirit of the season if not actually directly Christmas referential.”

“Jackie, Is It My Birthday?” by The Wolfmen feat. Sinéad O’Connor
5th December 2011 on Cadiz Music.
Post Production and Mix by Courtney Taylor-Taylor and Jacob Portrait
Production by Steve Musters

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AntFest 2012

Just so you know what’s going a lifetime from now, The Wolfmen will be headlining AntFest 2012 on 7 July at an as yet unspecified location in the city of London, United Kingdom. Also on the bill: Madam And The Ants, Metal Pirates, Johnny Normal, Three’s a Crowd and more to be named later. Tickets go on sale in DECEMBER.

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‘Crying Wolf’

Here’s some interview from a “gentlemen’s magazine” called Club, which is sold wrapped in a wool sock in America, I don’t know what kind of hoops you have to jump through in Britain to obtain this fine periodical. Anyway, CC spills the beans about some sex things in the interview. Also, bombs.

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Mo Reviews

Fine review from subba-cultcha.com:

The Dandy Warhols have a bounciness that infuses the bulk of their music, a spring in their collective step, which frontman Courtney Taylor-Taylor has brought shamelessly to the work he’s done on the Wolfmen’s second full length record. Listening to Married To The Eiffel Tower is like taking a step back a few years to the Dandy Warhols circa their own sophomore album – the deepness of the vocals, catchiness of the melodies, the general joie de vivre their music imports. The results are an impressive and very summery record, the kind you can imagine a festival crowd in the baking sun lapping up with warm beer and stinky skunk, it’s that kinda record.

‘Mr Sunday’ is an immediate highlight, upbeat and wantonly cheerful, before the slower, more eclectic ‘Jackie (Is It My Birthday)’, which features Sinead O’Connor taking up some vocal duties. ‘Wam Bam JFK’ is a tad grittier, the higher reaches of the vocal line sounding very Dandy’s-esque and the vocal hook of the chorus giving the song impetus and drive. The drums that kick off ‘The Cowboy’s Dream’ sound slightly Eels-esque and ‘The Coca Cola Kid’ is pleasantly smooth and accomplished.

Overall, this is a fun record, good to listen to on a sunny day and full of feelgood vibes and warm, cuddly songs. There’s hints of T-Rex throughout but the driving influence is clearly Taylor-Taylor and the Dandy’s of old. For fans of both, this is a record you should hear, and will certainly enjoy.


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