Review Treasury

And we are back with a children’s treasury of reviews for Married to the Eiffel Tower.


“…catchy rock songs with a slight pop vibe that you can easily imagine being played at a festival crowd in the Summer.  Overall a great record…”

from Leicester Bangs:

“Great songs and an electric performance…”

from 002 Mag:

“On Married…, the men that make up The Wolfmen hammer home that it’s not about what they’ve done, but what they’re doing.”

from Uber Rock:

“It’s an album that will justify some of the hype being poured on The Wolfmen as they continue to reach out and grow, good luck to ‘em as ‘Married To The Eiffel Tower’ has a wide appeal that’s down to some professional production and, above all, good songs.”

from Repeat Fanzine:

“…this is a brilliantly constructed album that highlights the overall musicality of the band.”


“…full of energy and seems at once revolutionary and recognisable. “

from “Classic Rock”:

from “Bizarre”:

And finally, from “Club International”:

Holy Moses!

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